Training Certification

U.S. Care Systems: PCA and HHA Approved Training Sites

U.S. Care Systems, Inc.'s 3 locations in Utica, Oneonta, and Watertown are approved training facilities by the New York State Department of Health. During the 40-hour PCA class you will be trained in the skills required to be a certified Personal Care Aide. Some of the topics you will be trained on include nutritional and environmental support, personal hygiene, feeding and dressing. With a classroom filled with hands on experience this program will leave you well prepared to embark on your new career.

PCA classes are offered monthly.

The Home Health Aide (HHA) training provides individuals with the additional skills necessary to provide a higher level of care. During the 35-hour program skills such as removing and applying bandages, medication application, and assessing a patient's pulse rate will be addressed. PCA certification or previous training is a must.

HHA classes are offered twice a year.